34. Restoration and renovation of a cultural center in Rhodes island (Greece)

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Restoration and renovation of a cultural center

Project Members: Georgios Skiadopoulos (Greece), Katerina Papaxristou (Greece), Shi Tsang Huang (Taiwan).


Our target was to transform the use of this traditional building from a house to a cultural center and to the Foundation’s offices.
The Foundation’s vision was to create a significant cultural center for the whole island of Rhodes.
After proceeding to the appropriate configurations on the layout by removing specific separation walls, we created a multiuse space. This space can be used either for speeches and lectures of scientists and well known culture-aware personalities and for non-permanent exhibitions.
Additionally, we created a library space which offers a wide range of information specifically related to the island of Rhodes. The visitor can get access to this information through the modern technologies which are provided by the Foundation.