“The Surfers Home” in Rhodes Interior Design

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http://www.designrulz.com/design/2013/07/the-surfers-home-by-georgios-skiadopoulos-in-rhodes-island-greece/ Designed by architect Georgios Skiadopoulos, this amazing surfer’s house is located in Rhodes Island, Greece. The target was to design a concept house where the owner can find his inner peace, leaving behind the frustrations of every day’s life. The Surfer’s Home is a house full of memories from seas around the globe. The owner’s desire was to create his own world inside his intimate space. His world consists of his friends and the seas he has surfed; so he wanted to have them around him everywhere in his house. The challenge of the project was that the space was really small (28 m2), but the elements which had to be used were too many (photos, shelves, storage spaces). So in order to achieve harmony and homogeny in the final synthesis, the design had to be based on absolute symmetries and specific analogies.

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http://www.delood.com/interiors/surfer%E2%80%99s-home-giorgos-skiadopoulos A design project with a difference is Surfer’s Home, a project close to the heart of Rhodes based architect and avid surfer who created a personal space which pays homage both to his craft and his hobby. There are no secrets in this tiny residence, on the contrary, the experiences and trips to distant oceans are all referenced within the design concept of this wonderful home. From the welcoming entrance, complete with a mini garden and retro louvered shutters and hammock, the visitor is immersed in the world of the surfer. Vivid colors and graphics on the boards, both surf and street, set the tone and mirror the lifestyle of the occupant. The funky eclectic style is contrasted with a comfortable couch and functional elements of the space. The designer faced the challenge of an overload of photographs of friends, familiar seascapes and memorabilia with which he wanted to surround himself. The challenge was met by concentrating on symmetrical forms and absolute organization to avoid a cluttered feel. The interior exhibits elements of both retail and a gallery installation while retaining its domestic identity, achieving balance through its deliberate imperfections. No island home would be complete without an outdoor space for socializing and Surfer’s Home is no exception to this rule!

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http://notesontheroad.com/Ying-s-Links/The-Surfers-Home-by-Georgios-Skiadopoulos-in-Rhodes-Island-Greece.html The Surfer’s Home by Georgios Skiadopoulos in Rhodes Island, Greece, is designed for the adventurer who has finally found a place to settle, surrounded by waters that connect him to every place he's ever been. Finished in May 2013, The Surfer's Home was a unique challenge to the architect because the space is actually quite small, but of course, invited a lot of carefully chosen, electic details. In order to provide the owner with the most cohesive, comfortable home possible, it was important to protect an overall feeling of symmetry throughout, balancing all the design details so that the home is warm without being overwhelming.

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http://vipworks.net/interior/he-surfers-home-by-georgios-skiadopoulos.html# ギリシャを拠点に活躍する建築デザイナー、 Georgios Skiadopoulos 氏がプロデュースした、サーファーのための家をご紹介したいと思います。わずか28という小さなアパートですが、ブーゲンビリアが咲く美しい中庭つきで、住み心地も良さそうです。部屋にはサーフィンに関連する本や写真がぎっしりビーチとサーフィンでたっぷりの、シーブリーズハウスをのぞいてみませんか。 詳細は以下から ブーゲンビリアが咲きほこる中庭。ホワイトのテーブルセットやサーフボードが爽やかです。 お気に入りの写真でいっぱいのギャラリー風リビング。くぼみを利用してソファーと椅子を置き、狭いスペースを有効利用しています。海を感じさせる写真や本でいっぱいです。ソファー側から見た部屋の反対側はこんな感じ。こじんまりとしたテレビボードの再度には、スケーボーや写真がところせましと並びます。ヤシの葉のディスプレイや、藤のランプシェードで南国気分をアップ。ベッドルームは白で統一。バックボードをサンゴで囲んだ、ロマンチックなデコレーションです。 ナチュラルなウォールステッカ-のコーディネートも、素朴で素敵。洋服や靴などのワードローブの見せる収納も、この家の魅力的なところ。こちらは横長の棚に、シューズを向かい合わせに並べて、ショップ風のディスプレイ。普段着る物を、サッと取り出しやすそうな縦長の棚。玄関の収納はこんな感じです。となりにはスケートボードと、恋人との写真がぎっしり。バスルームのこのディスプレイのかんじも、とても爽やかで美しいですね。壁のペイントも、淡いラベンダー色やライムグリーンをアクセントに、こだわっています。海の風を感じる、オシャレなサーファーハウス。サーフボードやスケートボードもたくさんで、アクティブな雰囲気の素敵なお部屋です。

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